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In a year of immense tragedy and unnerving legal issuesmany artists released albums that addressed their feelings about the end of the decade, and shared how they want listeners to approach the world. This year, Billboard critics picked the best K-pop albums with these narratives -- as well as accomplished musicianship -- in mind. The list below features releases that touched on a range of emotions: some were happy, some were sad, some were full of anger.

The Book of Us: Entropy introduces new sides to the band, through a listening experience that is like a whirlwind of emotions leading to an entropic state, one moment quirky and dynamic and the next mellow and melancholic.

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That lead single "HIP" had flourishes of electro swing -- a genre they hinted at in the outro of their very first music video -- was a sign of the ambition to come. Mamamoo, ever-capable of projecting charisma in their vocalizing, handled every song with a charming effortlessness.

Treasure Ep. If consistency was currency, then BoA would be the richest Korean artist of the 21st century: her discography is an embarrassment of riches. Starry Night may not boast the flashiest of songs, but it showcases an artist with an enviable level of confidence. She constantly works in conjunction with the instrumentation -- jazzy Rhodes chords, buoyant house beats, sturdy funk basslines -- to ensure these low-key songs are riveting.

In their first year out, Tomorrow X Together proved that they're a group that shines beyond their undoubtedly, excellent pop singles with their early promise felt in their first full-length project. After the exhilarating maturity of NarcissusSF9 continued on their journey of musical evolution with RPMwhich saw them adroitly traverse the fine line between soft, silken smooth pop, electrifying synths, and hard-hitting raps.

Over the six tracks of Love PoemIU shows us what an excellent purveyor of emotions she is. On "Blueming," there is the foot-tapping, finger-wringing hide and seek of courting; on "Love Poem," the shattering resignation of accepting that you've lost this love, but also the steely determination of holding on until your fingers bleed.

Love Poem is a thesis making you feel entirely helpless and human as you taste varieties of love and heartbreak on your tongue. She is the product of cosmic serendipity, and we will never have another of her calibre. While Monsta X became more known for a more hardcore approach to K-pop, Follow-Find You sees the band returning to lighter fare.

The EP was introduced with the serene synth ballad "Find You" before the release of energetic party single "Follow," which recalls some of Monsta X's most dynamic releases. The two energies are represented throughout the EP with edgy cuts like the industrial "Monsta Truck" and boom-bap—inspired "Disaster," paired with the acoustic-leaning "U R" and the warm and brassy "Mirror.

In the year of BTSthe act furthered their messaging from exploring self-love to understanding oneself, and fittingly moved on from the Love Yourself trilogy to ruminate on Jungian psychology in the form of Map of the Soul: Persona.

So take one shot, two shot, and drink to "Dionysus" while ringing in the new decade.

kpop articles 2019

If Feel Special sounds slightly different than what you're used to from the decade's top girl group it's because it was, well, special. Their maturity is also felt as they venture into more melancholy territory on "Love Foolish" and show gratitude by co-writing a thank-you track to fans on "," marking the first time all nine members wrote on a song together.

A consummate performer after years as central vocalist in EXOfor his solo debut Baekhyun let his more sensual side show on his sleek debut EP City Lights.

From the lush piano chords that open the record, From Midnight to Sunrise sounds like a classic soul album you'd put on a turntable and let the jazzy mood wash over you.

Which K-Pop Group Is Owning 2019 (So Far)? Vote!

Here is a theory: one night, things at an Evanescence party got intense. They got the cauldron out, cast a few spells and bam! We had Dreamcatcher. With this album, they said goodbye to their "Nightmare" era and ushered in a new mythic world of Lovecraftian horror, ensnaring us with visions of chimerical dreams, unbreakable curses, and strange visitors in the middle of the night.

Woven seamlessly into their characteristic rock sound is eerie dubstep and soft pop that gives a deceptive pause -- a deliciously thrilling album to accompany a dark night. Giriboy blends it all with ease, and he could teach many people a thing or two about making a coherent album from songs employing disparate styles.

GOT7 were at their most cohesive meandering through the complexities of loss, repentance and undying fidelity on Call My Name. LOONA collected a large fanbase for the forward-thinking, experimental synth-pop gems shared ahead of their debut with their sophomore release fully delivering on that promise.

A tightly packed project leaving no room for filler, [X X] gets the title for best K-pop girl group album for tracks that move the listener through their own journeys like the twisty production on "Colors" and the blend of high and low vocals through "Curiosity.

Throughout the past decade, the boldest music coming out of Korea was always K-pop. Its audacious genre-blending was a source of constant marvel, and those in the underground rarely reached such iconoclastic levels of songwriting. Kim had found her time in K-pop to be unfulfilling: she felt confined by how she, as a woman, could present herself.

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On GenerasianLim Kim defined for herself who she could be -- as a woman, as an Asian, as an artist -- and every genre-agnostic song carried these declarations with genuine fearlessness. As an idol who was criticized for innocuous actions, yet remained brazenly outspoken on issues related to feminism and harassment, Sulli was a star worth admiring for reasons far beyond her artistic endeavors.Do you consider yourself a K-pop superfan? The popular genre originating in South Korea. K-pop has evolved quite a bit over the years and nowadays "idol" culture is a dominant part.

The bands are just as important as the music. K-pop also has a growing presence on the international scale, particularly in North America. It's not uncommon to see K-pop bands appear on American television or even to tour here. There are many K-pop groups out there but which ones are worth the most money? Here are the 10 wealthiest K-pop groups in the industry right now, based on the findings of Money magazine. BTS, also know as the Bangtan Boys, was formed back in They're one of the most popular and most successful K-pop groups in the world, having bridged the gap into Western media with ease.

Their style has evolved over the years to include multiple musical genres. They are well-known for putting on jaw-dropping live performances and have been on many world tours.

Their albums and singles have sold millions of copies worldwide. TWICE idols rank as some of the most popular in the industry. Recently their singles "Happy Happy" and "Breakthrough" went platinum.

TVXQ initially began as a five-member group but eventually took a year-long hiatus before returning as a duo.

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When they began, they immediately went mainstream due to their single "Hug" which went to the top of the charts. Their initial studio album releases also helped their fame reach outwards from Korea. Not only were they hugely popular with fans, but the group was critically acclaimed time and time again. They have sold more than 10 million physical records in the first decade of their career and become one of the most successful musical acts in Asia.

Their first number-one hit was "Boombayah" which became a number-one song on Billboard World Digital.

K-Pop Idols Who Will Officially Become Adults In 2019

Their new single, "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" broke the record for being the most-viewed Korean music video within the first 24 hours of its debut. This year they became the first K-pop girl group to perform at Coachella and they also released their second EP.

G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung, and T.

kpop articles 2019

Former member Seungri retired earlier this year. They have helped shape current popular bands with their experimental musical ingenuity. They have a record amount of number-one songs with 18 altogether.

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They have also been ranked as one of the most powerful groups in South Korea. Many of the group's members are also considered fashion icons. This nine-member boy band debuted in under SM Entertainment. Between Gucci and Fenty endorsements and Chanyeol owning an expensive and lifelike Iron Man costume, you can imagine how much money this group makes. They have been dubbed the "Kings of K-pop" my various media outlets and even performed at the Olympics. They are known for producing hip-hop music and self-producing.

They have released two complete studio albums. Much of their money comes from their deal with the beauty brand known as Saem. Breaking into the Japanese market has greatly increased their overall net worth in addition to the large amount of touring they do.

This past year they released their first Japanese single is "Happy Ending. Wanna One is the only group on this list that didn't last very long. They disbanded after only about a year together. However, their appearance on the reality show, Producehelped catapult the band's success.In addition to amazing comebacks and new releases, there have been some amazing debuts.

You should check them out below. Live Works Company debuted a new boy group on March Fly Music Entertainment debuted this trio group on January 4.

Log in to comment. Night Mode. Original Content. Posted by hannahleex Tuesday, June 4, T Fly Music Entertainment debuted this trio group on January 4. Share this article.

Dramallama pts Tuesday, June 4, 0 Tuesday, June 4, And 3YE, obviously. They are the super rookies:. Girls' Generation members all want a taste of YoonA's latest home-baked treat. Yulhee reveals she weighed 83kg lbs before giving birth to her twins. Kim Jaejoong participates in donating masks to medical institutions to prevent the healthcare collapse due to Coronavirus. Hong Suk Chun says Hara's mother asked for photo at late idol star's funeral.

Choosing Girl Groups for 'Queendom Season 2'. Park Yoochun announces opening of his official fanclub website. Celebrities turn up to the polls for the South Korean legislative election. EXO's Suho sheds tears during V-Live while talking about feeling sorry towards fans because his solo songs didn't stay on the charts for very long.Battling racism, ageism and gender discrimination in the workplace. Members may download one copy of our sample forms and templates for your personal use within your organization.

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Neither members nor non-members may reproduce such samples in any other way e. Readers also showed interest in a few favorites from past years. Read on to see what resonated with our readers:. It offered six practical strategies for creating an inclusive environment. Parent company Alphabet Inc. They also want to remain in the workforce longer, but discrimination and outdated assumptions are making that a tricky proposition for many experienced employees, and overt acts of ageism are only expected to get worse as the number of older workers grows.

A recent investigation by ProPublica and the Urban Institute found that 56 percent of workers over age 50 report that they were pushed out of their jobs by their employers before they were ready to retire. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page.

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Delete canceled. Please log in as a SHRM member before saving bookmarks. OK Proceed. Your session has expired. Please log in as a SHRM member. Cancel Sign In. Please purchase a SHRM membership before saving bookmarks. OK Join. An error has occurred.The decision came after news of the scandal spread on social media on Monday. Prostitution is illegal in South Korea. The charges against Seungri carry a prison sentence of up to three years.

He has denied the allegations. Police are also investigating claims that the Burning Sun nightclub, where Seungri was a public relations director, was involved in illegal drug use, sexual assaults and police corruption, Yonhap reported. Seungri is not the first member of Big Bang to have made the headlines for the wrong reasons.

InG-Dragon was caught smoking marijuana during a concert tour of Japan, and inrapper TOP received a month suspended sentence for marijuana use. Seungri, whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun, wrote on his Instagram account that he had decided to quit the pop industry. As for the ongoing investigation, I will take it seriously to clear myself of all the allegations. The investigation has prompted speculation the singer will be unable to begin his national service this month.

All able-bodied South Korean men aged must serve for a minimum of 21 months, a measure seen as a deterrent against North Korean aggression. Seungri was due to enrol on 25 March but could ask for a deferment while he addresses the allegations. Police have said they would still be able to conduct their investigation while Seungri is serving in the army, and military officials have said the singer would have to submit a written request for deferment.

The quintet, who have sold more than m records since their debut, are taking a break while three of them carry out military service. Seungri has cancelled the remaining dates in his solo tour. Much of the reaction to his arrest has been damning, with some fans calling for him to be kicked out of the band.

But some fans pledged their support for the singer. Topics South Korea. K-pop Asia Pacific Pop and rock news.

kpop articles 2019

Reuse this content. Most popular.Exploding the myths behind K-pop. But behind the perfect smiles and dance routines are tales of sexism and abuse. By Crystal Tai.

2019 debuts

Published: 29 Mar Stormzy postpones Asian tour due to coronavirus. Rapper is latest musician to cancel appearances, following lead of various orchestras and Asian pop artists. Published: 13 Feb Day6 review — powerpop and positive energy from frenetic k-rockers 4 out of 5 stars.

Scissor-kicking, Seoul-based outfit delight fans with a celebration of sweet chaos on their second UK appearance. Published: 13 Jan I have reported on 30 Korean celebrity suicides. The blame game never changes. Published: 4 Jan Published: 3 Jan South Korean pop star and actor Cha In Ha found dead aged Published: 3 Dec Deaths of K-pop stars put focus on mental health taboos in South Korea.

Published: 1 Dec K-pop stars jailed for gang-rape in South Korea. Singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young also convicted of sharing footage without consent. Published: 29 Nov K-pop singer Goo Hara found dead aged Published: 24 Nov Night Mode. Girls' Generation members all want a taste of YoonA's latest home-baked treat. Yulhee reveals she weighed 83kg lbs before giving birth to her twins. Kim Jaejoong participates in donating masks to medical institutions to prevent the healthcare collapse due to Coronavirus.

Julian5 7 hours ago 8 4, Hong Suk Chun says Hara's mother asked for photo at late idol star's funeral. Netizens discuss which boy group has the best average face. Original Content. Celebrities turn up to the polls for the South Korean legislative election. Heechul reveals why he never denied gay rumors in early days of Super Junior debut. Kahi's label makes official statement on her return to S.

Music Video. Actress Jeon So Min's brother reveals family has been suffering from malicious comments.


Load More Articles. Choosing Girl Groups for 'Queendom Season 2'. Park Yoochun announces opening of his official fanclub website. EXO's Suho sheds tears during V-Live while talking about feeling sorry towards fans because his solo songs didn't stay on the charts for very long. Park Yoochun appears in brother's Instagram update.


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