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On this page all available options are listed.

owncloud qnap

Choose the variant which best fits your needs. Save yourself the hassle of complex administration and expensive hardware. Your own cloud pun intended is set up within just minutes.

Test now 14 days for free! Check out our Enterprise Edition, which installs on-premises or in your cloud infrastructure. It includes first-class support and a host of additional features to fit the collaboration needs and security requirements of even the most tight-lipped organizations in the world.

See enterprise possibilities. Have a look at the release channel overview to learn which channel is meant for which use case. Looking for older versions? See our Older-Versions section. The installation via the ownCloud tarball is the most common option and is best for production environments. Aimed at experienced administrators, it offers the most customizable installation method.

The image is aimed at experienced admins who want to benefit from the Docker environment.

ownCloud X

For a docker-compose. The appliance is the easiest way to get ownCloud up and running and is best for non-technical users. See the Appliance installation instructions in the Documentation. For Linux distributions, we support, if technically feasible, the latest 2 versions per platform and the previous LTS. It offers a variety of products, which enhance your ownCloud instance with professional features.

Store. Share. Work.

Driven by the community, many of them are free but certified partners also offer their own products. Have a look and learn how you can extend your cloud sharing possibilities. Looking for a Cloud as a Service?

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See enterprise possibilities Release Channels ownCloud offers different release channels, where the software is provided. The server is the core software behind ownCloud. Supporting Linux like operating systems it takes care of all your files and data and controls the access. The ownCloud desktop client keeps your data synced. Select one or more directories on your local machine and always have access to your latest files wherever you are. Access, sync and upload your data on the go. Start developing and publish your work on the marketplace.

How to get started. Download Tar md5 sha asc. Download Zip md5 sha asc. Install instructions.Share this item. Buy this QPKG. Become a Maker.

ownCloud Server 10.0.10 Release

Home QPKG. Add To Favorites. Details Comments Reviews 0 Support Old releases. NextCloud OwnCloud Fork Perfect for home and office Home users Nextcloud gives you a private, secure way to share, work with others and access your own data using an easy to use interface. Be it music, calendar appointments, bookmarks, email or your documents, Nextcloud keeps your data safe. Get your Nextcloud! Nextcloud gives organizations control over their data. Manage access to data and communication across devices and platforms, on-premise, on existing storage or with cloud storage.

Nextcloud integrates in your infrastructure, offering the extensibility and features you need. Before Buy ENG : This application require Qapache as dependency to run, thanks to install Qapache as prior and check if Qapache runs fine on your environment before purchase. DUTCH : Deze applicatie vereist Qapache als afhankelijkheid, installeer eerst Qapache voor uw aankoop en controleer of het goed werkt in uw omgeving.

IT : Questa applicazione richiede Qapache come dipendenza, per favore installa Qapache prima dell'acquisto e controlla che funzioni bene nel tuo ambiente. POL : Ta aplikacja wymaga Qapache jako zaleznosci, nalezy zainstalowac Qapache najpierw przed zakupem i sprawdzic, czy dziala dobrze w swoim srodowisku.

No comment yet. No review yet. Contact the Author. Dependencies: Qapache.Currently, in Qnap App Center only a version 8. Since Qnap offers a bit of a restricted environment I was wondering if there is a plan to upgrade to 9. Thanks for the feedback. I have checked with the Qnap support. They have opened a ticket. I hope that it will be prioritized for one of the next updates of Qnap.

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The status can be tracked here. Owncloud 9 requires libxml version 2. This has broken before as well but we just didn't notice because peoples are not necessarily using our sync clients. Now with WebDAV in core also the web interface will break.

One addition: On non-intel qnaps, mariadb has a broken InnoDB - which is needed. Your only chance here is an outdated mysql version 5. Also PHP is only at 5. Not sure if this is a sign of something slowly moving on Qnap side, but after the recent QTS update I have noticed that 8.

It cannot really be upgraded through the admin interface due missing write permissionsbut I hope that it is a sign that somebody started working the upgrade path through. Screen Shot at Check the changelogs of QNAP. Only because the upgrade notice is popping up doesn't mean updated all required packages.

owncloud qnap

Current clients are not supporting owncloud 8. Upgrade to owncloud 9 is highly requested. Hope that Qnap will progress here. Upgrade to 9. How to install calendar app?We all know that everything in computing is moving toward the cloud.

Top 10 QNAP NAS Security Tips

Storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive are great options for making files available to yourself or others regardless of location or the device being used. But concerns still exist with putting your data on a server being controlled by someone else. You can find a tutorial for doing all that here.

Click the icon for myQNAPcloud. If you need one, you can follow the link to set one up. To see the image files, I go to File Station, click it, and there they are.

You can view the files, copy them for pasting into another document or window, or share them with someone else by sending them a link via email, just as you might with files on a service like Dropbox.

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Never be caught without your favorite cat videos again! For more tips on how to get the most from your QNAP, just keep reading.

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You can also check out the series so far right here. Watch giovanni's latest videos on youtube. This will open the myQNAPcloud wizard. The system will then go on to automatically configure your router.Simply put the package on my Qnap works to the point of wanting to install. I set in around 3 hrs. Try to use a directory with full permissions to check if everything works and then start reducing permissions to the minimum.

Also double-check the user your webserver is using. In addition, check the ownCloud logs. I have managed to get it to accept the data directory and setting the user to httpdusr. Unlike 8. Any further advice would be appreciated. Is running on an apache inbuilt server that comes with qnap preinstalled. Now you know the problem, and the solution is quite obvious ownCloud needs to write in the config directory. You might want to ask in any qnap forum to check how ownCloud is setup and how you can give the required permissions to ownCloud to run.

Ok you state that it is obvious, I would agree but the access rights have been set to the same as the rest of the folder. After that, you can adjust the permissions so ownCloud is the only one having access there. I hope somone out there can help!!! Thanks for responding! It nows comes up with this image.Get a quote Even in Crisis, we deliver your installation fast. As easy to use as consumer products, but hosted in your data center. At the same time, users can access company files quickly and easily from anywhere and from any device.

This increases both safety and productivity. Encryption at rest secures your files on the server. Public cloud flexibility with private cloud security.

IT can manage, control and audit file sharing activity to ensure security and compliance. From enterprise directories to SAML, SharePoint or Windows network drives, ownCloud allows you to leave data where it lives while exposing secure access to users on any device.

owncloud qnap

Join thousands companies around the world that use ownCloud to run secure enterprise file sharing in their business. Open by nature, ownCloud integrates into your existing infrastructure and offers the extensibility required to meet your specific needs. Private Cloud ownCloud installs in your data center; managed by you, to your policies, following your procedures.

Enterprise ready Public cloud flexibility with private cloud security. Contact Sales. What our customers are saying ownCloud is the choice of thousands of organizations across the globe as they look to share files securely, enable access to unstructured data through a single plane. Andreas Daubner, IT Administrator. It was everything we needed in one solution. Monir Zouaoui, IT Employee.

I control how files are shared and ownCloud helps me every step of the way.

owncloud qnap

Only ownCloud combines full data control with easy-to-use filesharing features, while making collaboration more efficient and highly secure. Nick B. Nicholaou, President.

With ownCloud we can fully comply with all privacy policies, security regulations and compliance requirements and effectively prevent the creation of a shadow IT. Dierk Uhr, IT Lead. A key part of our evaluation process was to pilot two solutions with a cross section of future users. The feedback was universal — ownCloud was a user favorite. Patrick Schnellmann, Business Development.

We ran it through the ringer and it really showed its flying colors. We tested multiple scenarios and [the ownCloud technical team] even brought in developers when necessary. Rob Crockett, Network Administrator. When it comes to service, ownCloud leads the way. I wish all our technology providers cared about my business as much as the team at ownCloud. David Leonard, Infrastructure Administrator at Holdigaz.Complete NextCloud novice here. Can someone point me in the right direction as to how to go about installing a supported version of 12 on my Qnap TS?

Please help! What about a VM? Not sure if there was any loss in functionality with this route? There have been a couple of issues in the past, especially the libxml libraries were too old:.

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Make sure that your OS provides a more recent version. Qnap itself did provide some packages but they were a lot behind providing current packages, so perhaps it is better to install it manually. It quite a default setup, many people use it, everything works and if there are problems, solutions are quickly available bug fixes, security updates, ….

Personally I prefer docker solution but it is a little tricky. I used the VM from which is made by enoch Really the best NC installation experience I ever had. The install script allows you to install Spreed ME and other nice features, but they require enough resources. You even get free SSL Certs with automatic renewal every three months.

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Thank you! Is that instance of NC on the VM current? You have full access to all files and can install and fix whatever you want. So right now the VM comes with NC12 pre-installed. After starting and setting up everything you can directly run the updater script or use the Web Updater to update to Thank you Schmu!

If you plan to install OnlyOffice new in The limitation is however — there is no access to files from QNAP natively.


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